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Hands-on Embedded Experts

Advice is cheap, execution is priceless.

Whether you’re months from launching a token or already managing a healthy treasury, PB&J listens to your vision, assesses your needs, and deploys the right blend of resources to get you from A to B. We’re more than pretty reports or slides, we direct every step of the process so you maintain focus on what you do best - your product.

The One-Stop-Shop for Your Token Launch

Your one chance at initial public liquidity.

Launching a token may be your project’s most significant and defining capital event - and you only get one shot to do it right. We bring together hands-on experience, partnerships with launchpads & exchanges, and lessons from studying thousands of other launches. We’ll assemble and direct the best teams for your Web3 vertical from our relationships across community builders, marketing, PR, investors, market makers, and strategic partners.

End-to-End Digital Asset Treasury Services

The launch is just the beginning.

With a tradable token and newly established treasury, the journey has only begun to grow, diversify, and invest your project’s cryptoassets. PB&J assesses your operational capital requirements, growth objectives, and risk tolerance to construct a treasury portfolio tailored to your business needs. Leveraging proprietary trading strategies and the latest on-chain protocols, our investment professionals build, automate & manage your treasury assets so you can get back to building, scaling, and delivering for your community.

Our Services

Tokenomics & Architecture

Creating a successful token requires strategic design and architecture. We help you devise a blueprint for your token, focusing on governance, utility, integration, and value creation that aligns with your business objectives.

Unified Launch Services

We deploy an integrated team of investors, executives, marketing/PR/community, and digital asset investment professionals to maximize the impact and capital secured from a digital asset token launch.

Treasury Management

From market-making to managing dynamic on-chain liquidity to proprietary investment strategies, PB&J delivers a comprehensive solution optimized for your project’s short-term cash needs and long-term growth objectives.

Strategic Partnerships

Deeply rooted in the Web3 community, PB&J understands we’re all building this industry together. Whether we identify opportunities among our portfolio companies, investor network, or creative new product ideas, we’re on your team to drive success. After all, there’s no “I” in PB&J.

Why PB&J?

We’re the opposite of an hourly or fixed-fee consulting agency - we’re an integrated part of the team of every project we choose to work with. Our compensation is aligned with the project's success, ensuring we have skin in the game just like you do. Contact us to learn more about how we go together like the age-old perfect combination of peanut butter & jelly.

Clients & Partners

The Team

Meet the engineers, traders, strategists, and experts behind PB&J.